What Is That Smell?

Your HVAC system’s primary function is to control airflow and air temperature. Sometimes, you may notice the air flowing out of the vents doesn’t smell right.

Is It Smoke?

An unexplained smell of smoke can be a bad sign. It might be traced to a mechanical or electrical problem in the AC unit. Moving parts like the fan or motor have the potential to overheat, seize up or even catch fire if the unit has not been properly maintained. If you see or smell smoke, turn the unit off and call a HVAC professional immediately.

Musty and Damp?

Mold and mildew can form in ductwork and on the coils. Some reasons for this include blocked drain pipes, insufficient insulation and leaky ductwork. Clean up is essential because mold and mildew spores can be circulated all over your home. It is not only a foul smell, it is a health hazard.

Certain odors are temporary and harmless. Pay attention to these odors when you notice them. Efficient Cooling Concepts has seen it all before, and we will get the problem solved as quickly as possible!