Chances are you have a year’s worth of dirt and debris built up on your outside A/C unit. This can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. The condenser, which is the unit that sits outside of your house, contains essential components. The fan sucks air through the fins to chill the coolant, and the compressor pumps the coolant indoors to the evaporator through copper tubing. One way you can help is to pick a day that it is at least 60° outside. Using a soft brush, brush off any leaves or glass clippings from the exterior fins. It is very important to not have any bushes or weeds within two feet of your unit. Using a water hose, spray off the sides of the protective grill that covers your AC unit. This will free up most of that debris.

Another way you can help your unit last longer is to call Efficient Cooling Concepts for a thorough inspection of your unit.